PC2 Version 8.5 FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide

This page lists some of the common problems which users have reported encountering while trying to set up and use PC2.
It explains some reasons why the problems might occur, and provides suggestions for trying to eliminate them.

  • Question: What if my problem is not covered in the above list? Can you still help me?
    (Creating a .zip file for support)

  • Answer: Well, we'll be happy to try (please keep in mind that this is a totally volunteer project on our part). The first thing we ask is that you make the effort to read the Administrator's Guide and see if you can find out from there what is going on. The Admin Guide is available on our web page, and it comes packaged with the system when you download it. If that doesn't do it....

    • Each of the PC2 modules generates entries in a "log" file. The log file names correspond to the module -- team.log, judge.log, etc. Look through the log files and see if there are any obvious error messages -- this will frequently give you a clue as to what is happening.

    • If you still can't figure out what is happening, send us an email message ( pc2@ecs.csus.edu ) describing the problem and we'll see what we can do to help. Please include a zip file containing a complete copy of your PC2 installation as an attachment to the email. To generate such a file, go to the PC2 installation directory and type the command "java pc2.ZipPC2" ; this will create a .zip file of the system. (If the problem relates to multiple modules on multiple machines, please send a zip for each module).

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